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Campaign contributions are BRIBES.

No matter how you look at it, donating large amounts of money to a political party or someone running for congress is a bribe.  NO ONE donates tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to a campaign, party or Political Action Committee unless they expect something in return.  
What do they expect?
Your money.  The money you pay in taxes.  And lots of it.  They expect tax breaks, government contracts, and special laws that give them an advantage over everyone else.  And, they get it.

For example, look at the "Energy Bill," the 2005 legislation written by the oil industry, and passed by your congress.  This bill gives huge tax breaks to ExxonMobil, (and the other oil companies), and allowed ExxonMobile to post the largest corporate income ever earned in one quarter: one billion dollars.  

Why did this bill, essentially giving ExxonMobile billions of your dollars, get passed?  Because of campaign contributions (BRIBES) made by the lobbyists for the oil industry.

And, this is just one example.  This kind of BRIBERY happens every day.  Every bill that comes out of our congress includes some provision or addendum which provides favoritism to a company, industry or group.

Why?  It's all about the money.  

If you can afford to purchase the appropriate congressional influence to have your personal agenda passed into law, then you should not push to have the limitations amendment passed.  But, if you are a citizen of these United States, struggling to NOT be a debt-slave, then push your representatives to pass this amendment!

Why change it?
So, why should we change the constitution?  Three reasons:
1.  If we do nothing, the US dollar will collapse into a valueless piece of paper
2.  If we do nothing, we will go down in history as the people who allowed themselves to be turned from free citizens into economic serfs (debt-slaves);
3.  It is the right thing to do;

I do not care what your political loyalties are, nor what sports teams you follow, nor where you worship.  None of these things, which make up our daily lives, will have any meaning when we are starving, homeless, freezing and burying our children.  And, if we do nothing,  these horrible events are not that far away.

We all know what kind of government our the revolutionaries who broke free from the British Empire in the late 1700's established:  The US constitution called for an imperfect democracy (where we elect people to make laws on our behalf, and in our interest), with checks and balances between the three branches of government.  
However, the US constitution assumes that the congresspersons  are honorable, trustworthy and respectable.  The constitution assumes that our elected officials will only act in the sincere best interest of those they serve.

Times have changed.

What has changed the most?  Money.  Lots of money.  Huge, almost unimaginable amounts of money.  And, the legal corruption which comes with such vast amounts of money.

Eight our of ten people you ask will tell you that the congress is corrupt, the government is corrupt, their congresspersons do not represent them, and the whole system is rotten.

They are correct.  The current system, which evolved over time, ensures that only rich, well connected, upper class elites are going to win a seat in congress.  And, once there, they will pass legislation that gives their friends, donors and fellow elites lots of our tax money.  

And we get screwed.

But, we can change all this.  We can take our government back.  We can insist on limiting congress.  We can pass the Limitations Amendment to the US constitution.

does not really do a good job limiting and  the spending of huge amounts of money, the collection of money (except for Article 1, section 7. Besides call

March 24, 2010
These quotes are borrowed from Charles Hugh Smith's book, Survival+:

"This leads to the conclusion that the entire intellectual structure which supports and enables the US economy, government and culture is nonsense, and those pushing it so mightily and perseverently are doing so out of a highly refined self interest--a self interest which does not magically better the nation or those not fortunate enough to belong to the elite (the Plutocracy) or to its high-caste technocratic workforce....
"It is my contention that the global meltdown has exposed the plutocracy's overreach


March 21, 2010
It just has gotten to the point where the ruling class is so blatant in the abuse of power and our money, that something has to be done.
Are you aware that most of bills which have been  passed into law  in the last ten years have been written by lobbyists?  
That's right, our congressmen and congresswomen do not write the laws they pass:   The big money special interest groups write the laws.
            The 2005 Bankruptcy laws were written by credit card companies
            The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was written, in part, by big oil companies, who received billions of dollars in free leases and access to resources.
It has been said that former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas changed Washington forever when he invited lobbyists into congressional offices.  
Lobbyists are now part of our government, even though you did not vote for them.
And the lobbyists, who provide huge money to congressional  campaigns, do not work for you.

Unless we see this amendment passed, or one similar to it, we will never see a government of the people, by the people and for the people again.

Together we will win our country back!

The Ides of March, 2010

I borrowed this from David Galland's Casey's Daily Dispatch.  He is discussing the federal government debt for last month:

It was the largest monthly deficit in history, we repeat. Quickly adding that when the expenses of anyone, or any entity, exceed their income by historic amounts, this is not a good thing. Especially when, as you can see from Bud’s chart, the shortfalls are beginning to pile up in what is clearly a trend in motion.

Of course, this is all part and parcel of the government’s stated plan to bury the nation in another $1.6 trillion of debt, caused by the gap between incoming and outgoing by the end of this fiscal year. The trick is going to be able to finance the gap through a series of energetic auctions, including one scheduled for today of $13 billion.


Or, put a different way by Niall Ferguson, regarding the coming collapse of the American Economy: 

"The current economic challenges facing the United States are also often represented as long-term threats. It is the slow march of demographics -- which is driving up the ratio of retirees to workers -- and not current policy, that condemns the public finances of the United States to sink deeper into the red. According to the Congressional Budget Office's "alternative fiscal scenario," which takes into account likely changes in government policy, public debt could rise from 44 percent before the financial crisis to a staggering 716 percent by 2080. In its "extended-baseline scenario," which assumes current policies will remain the same, the figure is closer to 280 percent. It hardly seems to matter which number is correct. Is there a single member of Congress who is willing to cut entitlements or increase taxes in order to avert a crisis that will culminate only when today's babies are retirees?"
From: Complexity and Collapse.  Empires on the Edge of Chaos
By Niall Ferguson
Summary: - Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many historians imagine. A combination of fiscal deficits and military overstretch suggests that the United States may be the next empire on the precipice.

February 26, 2010 "
Foreign Affairs" - March/April 2010 Edition -

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