A few links to other sites concerned with improving our government, our constitution, and our nation:
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Changing the Constitution
To Amend: Campaign to Legalize Democracy
 This group is reacting to the horrible Supreme Court  ruling which makes corporations equivalent to you and I in the eyes of the law (but not accountable, as you and I are).  There is a petition I urge you to consider signing.

Lobbying (the US's legalized corruption)
OpenSecrets.org >  Center for Responsive Politics  "OpenSecrets.org is your nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Whether you’re a voter, journalist, activist, student or interested citizen, use our free site to shine light on your government.

Better Government
DownSize DC:  A brilliant approach to limiting government, with multiple campaigns targeting several issues.

    The Tea Party Links:  There seem to be several of these, each with the goal of limiting government
          The Tea Party Movement
          Tea Party Patriots :  This group claims to be the original tea party organizers.  Nice site, good blogs
                They also have a Political Action Committee: Liberty First PAC
          Tax Day Tea Party: A  group with a political action committee and endorsing candidates.  Very political.
          Wikipedia's look at the tea party protests

Ron Paul is perhaps the most famous American who works for changes similar to the ones proposed here.
The American Spectator   A wealth of candid, mostly political, analysis and insights      

Campaign Finance Reform
Clean Elections:  A very progressive plan to change the way campaigns are financed

Wikipedia's inimitable review of Campaign Finance Reform

Out of Control Federal Spending
Peter G Peterson Foundation  This is THE most important site on the topic.  Mr. David Walker spearheads reducing government spending.  Practical, factual, and very crucial for all of us.

Shadow Government Statistics.  John Williams's premier site for data, information and reality regarding the numbers affecting our lives that the US government puts forth

The Tenth Amendment Center hosts an outstanding essay by Representative Ron Paul

Info on the proposed Spending Limit Amendment to the US Constitution

Balanced Budget Amendment
Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment A true grass roots organization working on at least part of what the Limitations Amendment proposes.

The US Constitution
The US Constitution Online  
A great resource for you and I, as non-lawyer types

Surviving the Coming Financial Collapse
Casey's Daily Dispatch  This is an incredible, free daily newsletter which analyzes financial and socio-political information in a stark and frankly unbuffered manner.  

Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily  This is a free, daily analysis of the precious metals market, but I include it here because the author, a Canadian, provides astute analysis, and has 4 or 5 links every day to potentially critical articles from all over the world.

Conspiracy Theorists
Alex Jones: Info Wars
This is the premier site that corrals information from many sources to look at our world from unique perspectives.

BOOKS that are worth your time
Survival+  by  Charles Hugh Smith:  OMG, this is the most accurate assessment of our current politico-financial conundrum.  Definately worth your read.  And, you may want to visit his blog, too

Contacting Your State Lawmakers
Sample letters to your state lawmakers
How we can change our constitution
The Constitution of the United States
Why change it?
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